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The PREMIER BD Patent Licensing Group (“PREMIER BD”) is organized by the following six members and offers a portfolio license to all of the essential patents owned or controlled by the six members for players, recorders, drives, encoders, decoders and discs implementing the BD-ROM, BD-Video, BD-R, BD-RE and BD/DVD hybrid formats, as applicable, including any of the foregoing BD products that incorporate DVD functionality:

  • Disney Enterprises, Inc.
  • Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
  • Columbia Technology Ventures
  • Thomson Licensing (S.A.S)
  • Toshiba Corporation
  • Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Inc.

All companies that practice these patents, including in the manufacture of players, recorders, drives, encoders, decoders and discs, must be licensed. PREMIER BD Joint Patent Licensing Program offers an efficient means to be licensed and, therefore, to avoid patent infringement, by offering a package of essential patents owned or controlled by the six members. The members of PREMIER BD have authorized Toshiba to grant portfolio licenses on their behalf. Thomson assists the licensing activities on a regional basis in Europe and Africa. Toshiba also acts as the regional licensing representative for North and South America, Asia (including Japan), Oceania and the Middle East.

Interested parties are also free to negotiate individual license agreements separately, rather than taking a single portfolio license, with each of the six companies, which have committed to provide such licenses for their respective essential patents under fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory terms and conditions.

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